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December 9. 2021

11:30am PST
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August 24, 2021
Topic: National Disclosure Law Update, SBA Subordinations & Dodd-Frank 1071
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June 16, 2021
National Disclosure Ramifications and Questions - The National Standard Conversations Continues...
  • How it would work
  • Ramifications
  • Post IFA Annual Conference recap
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April 1, 2021
National Disclosure Ramifications and Questions

A Factor's Biggest Threat - Federal and State Financing Disclosure Laws:
  • The pros and cons of federal versus state disclosure laws
  • Formation of a legal team to draft potential legislation
  • Small business allies
  • Issues calculating APR
  • Winners and losers of disclosure laws
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February 4, 2021
Download our webinar on February 4 in which we updated our members on the changes in Washington, DC, and how they will impact the factoring industry.
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December 9, 2020

Download our webinar on December 9 in which we shared the election results and how they will impact the factoring industry.
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October 6, 2020

We are about a month away from an election that could have a significant impact on factoring. Join our webcast in which we will share which races to watch and what current polling indicates. The webcast will also discuss the implications the election might have on factoring. The AFA might even take a victory lap or two on its recent success in convincing the CFPB that factoring is not covered by Section 1071 of Dodd-Frank. 
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August 14, 2020
Learn what is going down RIGHT NOW in D.C. and across the country, and what you can help with. Our Washington D.C. Law Firm, Jones Walker, will have Palmer Hamilton on to discuss the insider's view, answer your questions and give you the latest scoop on D.C. and where we are heading in this critical time. Along with Bert Goldberg, Executive Director, AFA board members Cole Harmonson and Robyn Barrett will be asking critical questions and covering all the topics relevant to you right now. 
Topics Include: 
*PPP Round 3: Can we get Independent Factors included? 
*CFPB: disclosures that could be required and what we are doing about it? 
*New York and California Rules: what they mean and what does this hold for the future? 
This is a critical time for the Factoring Industry, we want you to know where your dollars are going and what we are fighting for on your behalf. 
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